Skinny Post (4-Wide)

The Skinny Post Attack play requires special attention to detail.  The main point of this play is to put the Safety in a tough situation by attacking his zone with two routes.  The most critical route running in this play is the 10-yard Curl route, because it has to be run in a way that attracts the Safety’s attention.  If the slot receiver successfully gets the Safety to stay down and guard the curl, then the Post route will be wide open over the top.

If the Safety stays deep, however, then the Curl route needs to make sure that he is deep enough over the linebackers in order to be open 10-12 yards downfield. All in all, this play consists of a high/low read on the Safety by placing a route in the front of the Safety’s zone, and the other over the top of the Safety’s zone.

Routes in this Play:  
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