Linebacker Blitz (2-1-1)

The Linebacker Blitz allows your Linebackers to forget about any pass coverage responsibility and viciously run straight after the Quarterback without a single ounce of hesitation.

Your defensive Rushers should keep in mind that their Linebacker teammate is blitzing up the middle, so they should keep a wider trajectory so that the Quarterback does not run around them and escape to the outside. If your Rushers can successfully push the Quarterback up the middle, then the Linebacker will be happily waiting there to clean up the mess.

Additionally, your secondary defenders should realize that the Quarterback is probably going to be pressured into throwing the ball quicker than he normally would. Therefore, the secondary should move up closer in their man-to-man defense and get ready for a quick throw towards them. Due to the fact that the Quarterback will be in distress, it is much more likely that he will throw a ball into closer coverage than he would normally be used to and this creates a prime opportunity for your defensive secondary to make a play on the ball and come away with an interception. Pressing up as close to the defenders as possible will put your Cornerbacks in prime position for a turnover, but be aware that it might leave you more liable to a quick fade throw over their heads if they let the receiver get around them.

It may be wise to set up this play throughout the game before your eventually call it. You can set it up by having your Linebackers flirt with the line of scrimmage before the snap of other plays making it look like they are going to bring the blitz, and then bail out into coverage at the last second. Once the Quarterback gets accustomed to seeing the Linebackers so close to the line of scrimmage, you can take him by surprise by actually sending the Linebackers up the middle and sack the Quarterback for a big loss!

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