Bubble WR Pass (4-Wide)

Before you can successfully pull off this double pass trick play, you first need to set it up with the normal Bubble play.  After the defense is begins to cheat forward to guard the bubble, that’s when you hit them with this Bubble WR Pass play.

The outside WR has to act as if he is going to block the defender like he normally does on the Bubble play, but as soon as he approaches, he needs to sidestep away and start jetting up the sideline.  The inside WR needs to make a clean catch and quickly throw it over the defense to the WR who will be open downfield.

One key aspect of this play is that you have to remember that the first throw from the Quarterback has to be backwards, or else the second throw will be illegal. Therefore, the QB should scoot up a bit more than usual, and the WR should line up a little further back that usual, but both have to be done without making it obvious.

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